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Affidea Brno – Magnetic Resonance

Prime Medical technologies s.r.o. company was founded in 2008 by physicians in order to realize a long-term project of constructing and operation of a facility for radiological and imaging methods.

In September 2009 we opened a branch called PMT Brno – Magnetic Resonance Clinic.
Magnetic resonance is a modern examination technique using a very powerful magnetic field to display the brain, spine, knees or shoulders. MR examination is pain free and in most cases is covered by
health insurance companies.

The company Prime Medical Technologies s.r.o. will continue to work towards the implementation of the conceptual development of a magnetic resonance clinic in the context of new and modern technologies.

In February 2011 we became part of the prestigious medical group Affidea International, one of the largest operators of specialist medical centres in Europe. This prestigious merger allows us to draw on the experience and support in the group.

In August 2014 we bought the most modern GE Healthcare _OPTIMA MR 450w GEM 1,5T T device for our clients. It is the premium model of this company.

In October 2015 our company went through rebranding and changed the trade name into Affidea  Brno s.r.o. and our healthcare facility started to use the name Affidea Brno.

Magnetic Resonance – Video Guide